You can earn a full time living without selling high ticket programs.

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I’ve been obsessed with online courses since I first heard about them in 2010.

My first introduction to the online course world was Udemy. It was the first platform that I can remember that let ordinary people share their knowledge online and get paid for it.

I created dozens of courses on Udemy back in the day.

Topics ranged from forming LLCs and other business legal issues to tutorials on how to record and edit audio files. I had finally found a platform to explore all of my passions and make some side income in the process.

I was in heaven. …

A simple strategy for making money with a blog that you may not have considered.

How to earn money with a blog.
How to earn money with a blog.
Image: Valda Karpovich/Pexels

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to run an experiment.

I had written a short nonfiction Kindle book and self-published it to Amazon. It was selling a copy or two per month at that point, and I wanted to see if I could increase my sales by writing a blog post to promote it.

I chose a topic for my blog post related to my book that I knew people were searching for on Google because it showed up in the “related searches” section at the bottom of the results page when I searched for my main topic keyword.

Here’s an…

Take care of yourself and others this time of year.

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Credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I used to love the holidays. The smells, tastes, sounds, and lights dazzled my senses. Multiple friends and family gatherings meant there was always a fun occasion to attend.

It used to be one of the most joyous times of the year — until it wasn’t.

All it took was one traumatic event on Christmas Eve in 2014 to send me into an emotional tailspin each year at the start of the holiday season.

I know I’m not alone.

It’s similar to how a song has the power to make you recall certain memories. For many people who have experienced trauma, loss, or heartbreak, the holiday season can become an open container full of negative emotions, anxiety, and despair. …

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Credit: Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

We’ve all heard stories about YouTuber’s who are making ab absolute fortune from YouTube Partner Program. That’s when YouTube pays you to let them put ads on your videos.

However, when you start your YouTube channel, you won’t be eligible for YouTube monetization until you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours on your videos.

While some creators can achieve this fairly quickly by optimizing their titles for YouTube SEO, for many creators, it can be months or even years before they meet the requirements for the YouTube Partner Program.

This can be incredibly frustrating if you are trying to earn money from a YouTube channel. …

Here are the facts no one talks about.

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Credit: Canva

When it comes to using email to promote and sell online courses, there are typically two opposing schools of thought.

  1. Email enthusiasts. These are the people who spent years building up their email list before they even thought about creating online courses or other digital products to sell.

They claim that you must build a massive email list first if you have any hopes of creating a successful online course.

2. Email haters. These are the people who preach that “email is dead” or, because no one opens their emails, it must not work.

The truth lies somewhere in between.

As an educator who has sold multiple six-figures worth of online courses in the past few years, I promise you that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without email.

It can be harmful to your mental health and productivity.

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Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

I’ll be honest; I am one of the many people who started writing on Medium after watching Shelby Church’s YouTube video, “I made $6,000 from my Medium article.”

I think a big part of me was in disbelief that one person could earn that much from writing in such a short time span, but she sparked my curiosity enough to give it a try.

My first few stories exceeded my expectations. I didn’t come close to Shelby’s results, but it was enough to make me want to keep going.

For the next couple of months, I devoured stories from other writers detailing how much they earned on the platform. I convinced myself that this “research” was time well spent. …

7 Reasons Why Her Channel Suddenly Blew Up After Years of Posting Videos

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Image via YouTube — Annie Long

According to Social Blade, Annie Long started her YouTube channel in January 2015.

She started out posting wholesome personal and how-to videos like “What’s on my iPod?” “What to do when you’re bored,” and “How to ask your crush to a dance.”

However, like many small YouTubers who try to gain traction on the platform, she received a few hundred views and a handful of subscribers each month despite posting videos regularly.

By May 2019, Annie had accumulated just 7,345 subscribers.

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Graph via Social Blade

But as you can see from the Social Blade graph above, something interesting happened to Annie’s channel in June 2019. …

Which one is better for creating and selling online courses?

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Credit: Thinkific

Both Teachable and Thinkific are popular software platforms widely used by bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses.

If you are wondering what the differences are between these two online course platforms, this comparison post will give you clarity.

I’ve personally used both of these platforms to sell online courses, books, digital downloads, and even freelance services. I know each of these online course platforms inside and out.

However, if you really want to find out which platform is the best for you, I highly recommend testing them both out for yourself.

Both platforms offer a free trial account. …

31 strategies from 6 YouTubers with 70k+ subscribers.

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Credit: Canva

I recently wrote an article here on Medium about how much I earn as a small YouTuber with a little over 7k subscribers.

Since posting that article, several people have asked if I had any tips for getting your first 1,000 subscribers — which is the amount needed to be monetized on YouTube.

While I wish I had some profound insight to offer here, I do not.

I started my YouTube channel on a whim roughly two years ago.

I did what many aspiring YouTubers do — I posted a few videos and quickly became discouraged when they didn’t take off right away. …

No, but this is why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

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Credit: Canva

Maybe you’ve heard about YouTubers who make tens of thousands of dollars each month or have millions of subscribers on the platform and considered starting your own YouTube channel.

But then a small but powerful voice of doubt intervened.

What if it’s too late for me to start a YouTube channel?

This is the same fear that I had when I started my YouTube channel over two years ago. The problem is that no know wants to invest time and resources into something that isn’t going to give them a return.

However, without taking a leap of faith, it’s almost impossible to make any progress toward your goals at all. …


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